Our new class timetable is a great and affordable way to train regularly and to stay consistent towards achieving your goals. With classes such as 'WOD' (Workout of the day) a full body strength and conditioning session, Pilates, Yoga and Boxfit we will have all your needs covered.


Working out with others can be a great way to stay motivated and see results quickly. All of our classes have a maximum of 6 people to ensure everyone has an effective workout tailored to their needs.


All of our classes are bookable and payable online. We have a range of class passes available that reward you by reducing in price the more times a week you choose to train. Train 3 times a week and only pay £8 per class. 


Check out our range of classes, sign up and get yourself booked on!


We know it can be daunting trying something new for the first time so we want to take some of the stress away and offer you your first class for FREE, no obligation, no catches. Use the button below to claim your free class, and we'll be in touch soon to arrange your booking. 


Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 6AM, Tuesday 7PM, Wednesday 6AM, Thursday 7PM, Friday 6AM, Saturday 8AM  and Sunday 9.30AM


Inspired by cross training, WOD (Workout of the Day) combines high intensity training and whole body strength work that will push you towards the result's you want.  A great class for those that want a personal training experience on a budget.


This class is taught by Ben, Kelly or Sam



Saturday 11AM


A high intensity whole body workout centred around boxing drills. Improve strength and fitness whilst getting a high calorie burn! A great class for overall body conditioning.


This class is taught by Ben.



Saturday 10AM


Improve core strength, flexibility and posture using controlled movements and breathing to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. This class is suitable for all levels whether a beginner or Pilates pro. Our small class sizes mean everything can be adapted to suit your individual needs.


This class is taught by Ben



Saturday 9AM


Flow through a sequence of postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance your body. Improve flexibility, mobility, strength, posture and mindset. A great class for those wanting to explore yoga for strength and conditioning.


This class is taught by Celeste