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Ben Pirie doing a pilates pose with a reformer in the background


We have an upstairs space that has been dedicated to Pilates, Yoga and stretching to aid your bodies mobility, function and recovery from your daily life and exercise routine. 

We offer One to one Reformer/Mat Pilates and Yoga as well as private small groups of up to 3 people, bringing you that personal and private feeling with complete focus on you.


Pilates is a form of exercise that uses controlled movements and breathing patterns to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. The end result is significant improvements in many aspects of fitness such as core strength and muscle balance, flexibility, mobility, postural alignment and body awareness. The end result will leave you with a body that feels better, looks better and performs better in day to day life..

Ben Pirie using a pilates reformer machine


Yoga is a great addition to your training routine which will benefit your body both mentally and physically. Using a combination of different posture holds and breathing techniques, you will find that link between mind and body to improve balance, mobility, recovery and performance whether for a sport or your day to day life. 

Ben Pirie doing a downward dog yoga pose
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