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At Fitsolution Training we know it's important for you to get to know your personal trainer and build a trusting relationship in order to get the most out of your personal training sessions. We're a small and flexible team and we strive to make sure that our clients have everything that they need from us to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Our team of personal trainers have experience in different training areas and sporting disciplines which enables us to confidently support a wide range of clients with varying training goals. 



I founded Fitsolution Training in 2017 with the aim to create a private and personal experience for clients to feel comfortable and enjoy working towards their health and wellbeing goals. The main objective was to build clients confidence and ability to trust our approach and work closely with us to build and maintain results.

Across my career I've worked in a number of gyms from a high end private members gym in Chelsea to Virgin Active and David Lloyd. During my time with these gyms I learned a lot about what works well for clients and what doesn't and I hope that I've combined the best of these gyms into what I've built at Fitsolution Training. Everything from our equipment and set up to how we greet you at the door has been carefully considered to give you the best experience possible. 

Outside of work I am a keen endurance athlete and have competed in many endurance events such as triathlons, marathons and cycling races. One of my greatest sporting achievements is completing a full Ironman in 2014 just weeks before my wedding. Running a business and being a dad to two little girls means I don't compete as much as I'd like to anymore but that doesn't stop me from training. You'll often find me out for a run, taking some time out of the day and clearing my head. 

I'm extremely passionate about helping others to reap the rewards of health and fitness and I'm proud to have created a supportive space in which to do this. The whole team at Fitsolution Training share my approach and vision and we're excited to see who comes through the door next that we can support to build healthy long term habits. 

Ben Personal trainer Hitchin

Personal Training Level 3
Pilates matt level 1, 2 & Reformer
Pre & Post Natal




I started personal training in 2016 working in a commercial gym which is where I met Ben. Working with clients with a range of goals but my main area of interest stayed with injuries.

Here I was also fortunate enough to meet my mentor who helped to guide and educate me on how to be more effective with clients with past or current injuries. He gave me recommendations on books and research articles to help strengthen my knowledge and practical application. I strive to be as effective as possible in as optimal way as possible. The minimum effective dosage you need to get the results you desire. 

My own training is varied. I go through phases where I enjoy different things, so I always follow what I'm enjoying at the time. This could be preparing for an ultra endurance event (from ultra marathons to ocean rowing), bouldering, powerlifting, bodybuilding or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Currently I am engaged and enjoying bodybuilding and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while preparing for an ultra endurance expedition to row the navigable length of the Amazon river.

Personal Training Level 3
Sports Massage Level 4
Pre & Post Natal
Certification in Applied Functional Science



I started training with Ben in February 2020, after I had realised how unhappy I had become with my weight after having two children. I had personal training sessions twice a week and slowly made changes to my diet, I started to notice a difference which pushed me to keep going and I decided to sign up for a couch to 5k. Within a year I had then gone onto run the Bedford half marathon and then this year the Manchester marathon, all things I never thought achievable at the start of my journey.


Overall, I have lost 4 stone and found something I love to do. Exercise is now part of my routine and something that keeps me on track and feeling good. I enjoy strength training most and being able to push myself and see progress by lifting heavier and seeing the change in my body shape. Nutrition was something I found harder but over time has now become more of a habit, and I like to fuel my body with the right foods which I know helps with my training and progress.

I enjoyed all aspects of my journey and seeing all the changes I have made but mostly finding confidence in trying new things, that I decided I wanted to change my career and train to be a personal trainer. I wanted to become a PT to be able to help others achieve goals they didn’t think were possible no matter how big or small they may seem and share my passion for exercise and all the positives that come from it.

Personal Training Level 3



Growing up I was more interested in martial arts than team sports and this has carried over into adulthood where I have continued practising Wing Chun Kung Fu and later Steel Mace and Indian club flow. I discovered weight training in my twenties and found that it helped me manage both my physical and mental health. 

Personal training hasn't always been my career and for many years I worked in the hospitality industry and in social services. However I knew that I wanted more from my career so I decided to combine the people skills from these roles with my love for fitness and retrain to become a personal trainer. 


After qualifying as a level 3 personal trainer, I gained experience running an outdoor bootcamp and managing an elite health club before joining the team at Fitsolution Training.


I'm also a trained chef and father of three so I love helping my clients get on top of their nutrition in straightforward and manageable ways. I'm always happy to share family recipes and chat about food in general! 

Kieron personal trainer Stevenage

Personal Training Level 3


"Ben and the team are great! So motivating and professional. I really feel I am making progress and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. The gym is very well equipped and the training plans are always different and challenging, but still fun. Thanks guys!"

Sue Greasby - Google Review

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