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A personal trainer wearing a blue tshirt is pushing a weighted sledge along a blue track inside a gym.


Personal training is the core of what we do at FST. Our aim is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals with focused and effective training plans.  All of our personal training options include tailored workouts based on your ability and goals with the results you want always at the forefront when planning every session. Choose from our one to one or training for two options.


With one to one personal training all focus will be on you and achieving your goals. Working together we will progress through your tailored plan to leave you feeling and seeing results fast.  

A male personal trainer in an orange tshirt with the word coach on the back is facing a woman wearing a white tshirt who is smiling and using a weighted cable exercise machine.


Train with a friend, partner, family member or colleague and help support and motivate each other towards achieving your goals. Training for two is a great way to still experience the benefits of personal training whilst sharing the cost and can be effective even if your goals are different. 

Two women are laying on weights benches and pushing dumbell weights up from their chests in a personal training session

Our team of amazing coaches and fully equipped private personal training gym are ready and waiting for you. We keep our facility clean and in its very best condition ready for each session. We are always looking to add and improve the service and equipment we can offer you as we continue to grow the FST community. Get in touch and join us!

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