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Rest and recovery is just as important to achieve results as the hard work you are putting into your training. Look after your body and avoid injury with a sports massage or treatment from Suzie of Hawkins Sports Massage & Therapy

To book a treatment or find out more use the button below to be taken to the Hawkins Sports Massage & Therapy website. 


Manual therapy, also known as manipulative therapy is used to treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions and pains. Combing a range of techniques such as muscle manipulation, acupuncture, joint mobilisation and joint manipulation it can be very effective in treating conditions such as muscle strains & spasms, joint stiffness and chronic pain. 

At Fitsolution Training we are passionate about combining manual therapy with active exercise to get the most out of the treatment & long lasting effects. Our treatment sessions begin with 30 minutes of manual therapy and are followed by 45 minutes of personal training tailored to your individual needs and abilities. Regular movement screenings will also be conducted to monitor and track improvements in pain and mobility.


Treatments are carried out by Josh who is a qualified and experienced practitioner and personal trainer. Josh's manual therapy qualifications include: 

Sports Massage
Medical Acupuncture
Grade 5 Osteopathic Manipulation


This treatment is very similar to physiotherapy treatment that you may have experienced in the past with a physiotherapist. If you'd like to chat to us about your needs and book in for a consultation then please contact us. 

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